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ChoppeRon's Bike Blog
I'm ChoppeRon and I build Kustom bicycle choppers. My specialty seems to be taking stock frames and with little to no welding, turning them into rolling works of art. What you will find is my take on the whole form and function debate. I tend to prioritze form over function because,...well... IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Kustom is Kool... Kool is Kustom, Cheers,ChoppeRon.
Way cool bike shop in Guelph,Ont... This shop is one of few the few places that still deal with used bikes and parts and knows the cool stuff when it comes around. He is willing to part with the hard to find stuff for a price and some is just not for sale. Clayton the owner is way cool to deal with nonetheless. as is Nick and the rest of the staff.
ChoppeRon's Photos
Photos by Chopper Ron
In memory of Darcy Lane
Just thought I would share the pics I took. The whole evening was incredible! Everyone sharing so much energy, brought together by one man, our friend,Darcy.
O4 Schwinn Stingray
Start of journey
The Blingray
Blingray blingin'
Blingray from behind
Blingray front wheel
Krate style Schwinn headtube badge
Headlight and blingy cable housings
Seat and shifter
Rear wheel and rack
Rear disc brake
Front view
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