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by Ron Menagh — last modified Aug 20, 2007 12:23 PM

Choppers+good friends+good weather+time to ride=good times

ChoppeRon's secret to happiness;Choppers+good friends+good weather+time to ride=good times. I have not been able to make it out to the vancruiser rides for a while now, due to a career shift mostly,(priorities being such attention hogs) among life's other interruptions.However, I am still creating somewhat functional rolling works of art.(insert your own comments Stupid rain can't stop the wrenches turnin in my hands or the gears in my head. My I/T guru is now in house for a while, so when some spare time happens to find me, there will be a whack o' pics comin your way via this site. Three of which are of my great grandfather's shop when he was building bicycles for CCM in the 1890's. I ride every week out here in Surrey with a great gang/club/loose association of like minded individuals/murder (that last one for those that are going wha?, is what a herd of crows is called),but we call ourselves the Riff Raff for short. It is always a good time;every one is welcome but as the folks here at Vancruisers discovered earlier this summer, not every one is always on the same page at the same time. It happened to us last year. I had to ask someone to leave when he just did not fit in. It is unfortunate, but human nature is, what it is, and it takes all kinds to make this big blue orb spin on it's axis. Ask around the crowd for details if you are interested or comment below,but let's not let a few bad apples spoil the pleasure of sharing our passion through this medium. I understand the discouragement that has been felt ,but summer is slippin by us quickly here. So get on your bikes and ride!, come back home and blog about it and I will see y'all in the wind! Ride safe. ChoppeRon. P.S. You guys out in Maple Ridge (John and Kevin), Let's hear from ya! Ridge Riders or Ridge Rippers I think you were going to call yourselves...

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The real deal

Avatar Posted by Rick Bellerive at Aug 30, 2007 10:25 AM
Hey chop,

I finally got around to signing up, and I have to say this is a great site (Thx Bryn).

Here's to more good times, you, my friend, are the real deal and its always a pleasure to ride with you and
the rest of the L.A.O.L.M.I.



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Ron Menagh
I'm ChoppeRon and I build Kustom bicycle choppers. My specialty seems to be taking stock frames and with little to no welding, turning them into rolling works of art. What you will find is my take on the whole form and function debate. I tend to prioritze form over function because,...well... IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Kustom is Kool... Kool is Kustom, Cheers,ChoppeRon.