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Sniff, sniff...I smell riding season coming

by Ron Menagh — last modified Apr 01, 2008 03:59 PM

Hi everyone! Long, stupid winter wasn't it?

I've been gettin' out with the Riff Raff in Surrey here when the weather is above zero and dry all winter, but it sure is not as often as summer time. Been busy buildin' 'n tweakin' 'n creatin' kustom krap as always.

The Schwinn Spoiler got an overhaul this winter and fattened up to seventy + pounds. Can't wait to bring that one out.

Sad news about a particular bike shop in Burnaby dear to us hardcore types. It has re-opened for an interim period  to sell the business or...? At least that is what I was told by the owner the first day he reopened. (I Don't want identitify him and shop by name in case Iam speaking out of turn) Combine that with Gunner's closing last August and with what might happen with another of my favorite bike shops in Surrey(it's future is in question as well) , and I could be losing 3 bike shops in less than a year :( . 

Any way enough doom and gloom. Spring is here!!! and I WANNA RIDE!!!  See y'all in the wind! Ride safe. ChoppeRon

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Ron Menagh
I'm ChoppeRon and I build Kustom bicycle choppers. My specialty seems to be taking stock frames and with little to no welding, turning them into rolling works of art. What you will find is my take on the whole form and function debate. I tend to prioritze form over function because,...well... IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Kustom is Kool... Kool is Kustom, Cheers,ChoppeRon.