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ChoppeRon's bike of the month:April/09

by Ron Menagh — last modified Mar 28, 2009 08:50 AM

Welcome to my little corner of the www. . I plan to feature kustom bicycle choppers here each month from my collection and ones that I have built. There is about 2 1/2 years worth so this could be the start of a fun ride!

Purple Haze in it's infancy.

Circa 1993-94 I first started messing with this bike. 16" front wheel, knobby tire, old skool chopper forks, stem extension,apehangers and Bmx grips. Sturmey 3speed, nice, fat chainguard, cotter pin cranks and a dual leg kickstand. Seat post is an old apehanger h-bar. Handmade struts and sissy bar. Ducktail banana seat and N.O.S. M/X shocks. Shouldered and ducktailed rear fender. 20"rear wheel and slick tire.Chrome rims, black nipples,radial lace (thx Grant), 36 spokes rear and FRONT! Cantilever brakes (thx Toby).

Fun to ride but something was'nt quite right, soooo...

Purple Haze in it's adolesence


Amazing what a rake job and a pair of handmade forks 'll do....... WHEEEEEEE!!

Purple Haze grows up.


Spring/Summer/98;Chromed the forks, chainguard,stem and extension,fender,struts and sissy bar. N.O.S. shifter(thx P.D.),CCM tool bag(my affinity for CCM has been referred to elsewhere on this site and will become more evident as time goes on). Put the apehangers back on after I got used to the feel of this monster with drag bars. 


Sissy bar pad is covered with leftover material from my first car(a '65 Impala) that I put a crushed velvet interior into in 1980.

'65 Impala front seat.'65 Impala rear seat.

My frame  and Harley parts


Here you can see the work that went into the rake job and the gussets that have flames painstakingly carved out in the rear edge. A Harley Davidson bar and shield head tube badge topped it off and I thought I was done... ya right ..they are never finished. Anyway it was time to krooze this buggy! I took it to one of P.D.'s low rolls back in the day... unbeknownst to me, there was a friendly contest to see who could build the wildest chopper... then I showed up...


Did somebody say WHEEEEEEELLLIEEEE??!!Purple Haze on one wheel.


That springer fork is a lot of FUN!! This rig now sports dual square headlights and a wheelie bar. Plans call for a new seat assembly system to get my rear skyward a little more. I hope y'all enjoy what I've got to offer and welcome any comments positive or negative. Cheers, ChoppeRon.

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Great Posting!

Avatar Posted by Bryn at Mar 28, 2009 09:29 AM
Awesome writeup Chops!! I've linked it in to the Reader's Rides section too! Keep 'em coming!

Takin it to the next level

Avatar Posted by Ron Menagh at Mar 28, 2009 04:53 PM
Here's to steppin' it up a notch. That took about 3 hours to do but I think I got the jist of it now. Feels good to share. (was'nt I supposed to learn that in kindergarten?) Anyway, my eyes are goin' buggy from starin' at this screen and I'm starting to experience wrench withdrawal symtoms... gotta go create some more Kustom Krap!;)_}

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