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Gone ridin'

by Ron Menagh — last modified Jul 17, 2007 08:05 AM

BOMBOLIWA!!! Apparently that means celebrate,and that's what I'm doin'. Celebratin' summer by goin ridin'. See ya in the wind! Ride safe. ChoppeRon

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Ron Menagh

Location: Lost in the 70's
Ron Menagh
I'm ChoppeRon and I build Kustom bicycle choppers. My specialty seems to be taking stock frames and with little to no welding, turning them into rolling works of art. What you will find is my take on the whole form and function debate. I tend to prioritze form over function because,...well... IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Kustom is Kool... Kool is Kustom, Cheers,ChoppeRon.