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Rippin' with the Riff Raff

by Ron Menagh — last modified May 29, 2007 12:11 PM

I don't know if this is gonna work, but here goes.(BRYN?!!) Just got home (11:00 Sat night). Perfect day. As far I am concerned,anyway. All day at the drags. WAY coool!(Hey Manhole, Ididn't see YOU or the T- shirts! Get off the mountain and back to work!:) ) I get back in town just in time to get 4 Riff Raff ruffians off their keisters to go rip it up in S town. The plan was to drop by the Tree Rock Brew Pub,(very cruiser friendly pub w/ awesome food) on 152 St., but the U.F.C. championship scrap was on deck, so no room for 3 ft. wide ape hangers on the patio.(don't need no stinkin lawsuits, thx) So off in search of liquid sustenance elsewhere. Wound up at ........ lake for a while. Ripped over to ...... ........ lake for another bit. Ripped it back to H/Q neighborhood where George and I headed west, while Darcy and Pasquale went home. We hit the 148 St., power line parking lot for refreshment as the last rays of the day disappeared. Said goodnight to G., and decided it was still to early to go home; so I went and quaffed one on the plaza in front of the Surrey Central Brew pub(Right in front of security no less. Just proves that if you can be discreet, and not an idiot you're gonna be cool:)) I considered scoring the last 3 ..... to the kids that asked me to boot, but thought better of it. Besides, it gave me sump'n to drink while I wrote this rabble. Ride safe, ChoppeRon

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you discrete?

Avatar Posted by dirty don at Jun 01, 2007 09:46 AM
nice to see that you can form sentences ron.BUT i think that you directed your comments at me ? the LAST thing you are is discrete, your bikes are like an eclipse,its hard not to look! thats why i blame YOU, for us getting harrassed by the pigs! it was your bike that caused them to bug us, leaving me no choice but to roast them down. i understand that you are intimidated by cops and you have every right to be. but dont be throwing comments out there unless you expect a response. i will admit that i have a bit of an authority issue, so why not let sleeping dogs lie? you should just be happy that i was the one in handcuffs,and it was my joints that got confiscated.
All that being said, i wanna say to you..... im glad you FINALLY started blogging.but please........... im just a dirty old landscaper trying to have some fun. cya FRIDAY

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