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Work? Noooo!!! I'm not done ridin' yet!

by Ron Menagh — last modified Jul 03, 2007 08:11 AM

Heh, heh! Wow what a weekend ! Way cool!; as all summer weekends should be. It actually started on Wed, with the the standard Riff Raff crew, took Thurs. off; and out Fri., night with George.(the weather was too iffy to make the call for the Fri., night lights ride) Sat., was spent at the drags and got back in time to hook up with Darcy, and cruised to Rick and Karen's digs to hang for the eve. (way fun guys! thx again!) SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!!! (race day for those too young to remember that phrase) Tour De Freak'in Yaletown!!!!! Huge props to whoever put that EXPIERIENCE together in the amount of time that I heard that it took:))!!! George and I were personally in on it from start to finish! (as were others)10 hours of VANCRUISIN!!!! PROPS to ALL of you  that I saw ( incl. Kendal who was there for about two seconds on her way by the other way) Then Mon., unfolded as smoooothly as a holiday Mon., should. A phone call from Darcy, and I'm out the door with a bike in hand again! ( Ya ,I know ,tough to take, right?) Anyway, 8 hr.s later, I'm writin' this, dreading that damned (evil) alarm clock!! AKA the 5:00 am reality check. See y'all next weekend!!! Ride safe! ChoppeRon

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So know what you mean...

Avatar Posted by Nashira at Jul 03, 2007 01:24 PM
Waking up this morning was difficult to say the least, and I don't get up that early! I wish long weekends were even longer...

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