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Pops' Pics

Kewl custom bits and the like
Hmmm...something to reflect on
More bits
Clamp onto these babies and ride
...and the like
boneyard shifter
Woodie chopper
Technically speaking these are really scooters and the brakes are by flintstone, but they are tres kewl
Seriously Chopped
Another pic of these sweet examples of inovation...we should be so creative
Heavy Bike
Message to all those out there bitching about their heavy bike...look long and hard at this pic ...Now in the words of Little Richard "SHUTUP!"
Chuck's Yellow Cab
My Hampton Cruiser
Bryn's Red Kustom Cruiser
North Rocky Point
Chilling at the end of the day as the sun drops behind the Cambie street bridge
Bryce's rat rod hood ornament
Bike art
S'more bike art
My Hampton cruiser
Chopper beauty
Taking photos of the cherry blossoms at Jericho beach
Despite the cold it was a beautiful sunny day last Sunday and...Yup, looks like spring has rolled around again
Chillin at CFB Jericho
Gotta be one of my favourite spots and on days like this, it's so over the top, it's surreal
The rides
Lot's of vintage were out
Vit, Joe, and Jamie
Chilling at Siwash
Bryn at Siwash
Yup...looks like Indian summer
Big John's ratrod
My Electra
My steed
Wicklaws at the end of a ride
So we ended the Saturday at Wicklaws. some of us had been riding since early in the afternoon and some of us had been later arrivals, but we all were thirsty and hungry. The beer was good and the food was great, but the prices were...well..very high. :(
Just after Beaver Lake
Pat, Big John, and I went for a ride this part way around the seawall and heard the gate was closed decided to ride to Beaver Lake and over the top of the Park to Second Beach ...and that's what we did...however, we had to drag the bikes in a lot of spots, but it was great to finally get out and have some fun!
Well...he said he wanted a hit
Three snow dogs
Time to leave
Above the causeway
On the overpass
Lost Lagoon
Feed them ducks
Getting ready to go
Cage Match
On a cold but clear friday not long ago we stopped on a pedestrian overpass above some railway tracks and hung for a while
Modern Burgers
The Sunday after the "Overpass Friday" it was a beautiful sunny day and we rode and we rode...fianlly we all got very hungry and Bryn suggested trying Modern Burgers on West Broadway.. the food was great and the atmosphere was friendly..a perfect end to a perfect ride
Three Silver Bikes in the night
A few shots at the end of a long days ride
Patrick in front of the Science centre
Patrick and David in front of the Science centre
Friday February 6
We had a great ride last night...started from Lego land and rolled up through Strathcona to Trout Lake and then down to Trev Deeley's near Boundary and Broadway. We checked out the sweet vintage british motorcycles there and then rolled off to a park nearby for a stop, I recently picked up a nice light tripod for my camera that I can carry in my pack while riding and decided that now was the time to try out some long exposures with it. The park was pretty dark, but my first shot at 15 sec looked like a overexposed day shot in many ways... Well, this got the creative juices of Bryn, Mike and I running and we messed around with different long exposures and tried our hand at light painting with flashlights, bike lights, and even cell phone screens. The following pics are the result and are completely unedited.
long exposure 2
long exposure 3
long exposure 4
long exposure 5
Lego Land Friday February 27
the weather was great though a bit chill
First stop
We stopped for a bit by the water and a Strata's gym. I realized I had forgotten my tripod and decided to start messing with longer exporures anyways
Rat Rod's
Caught a pic of Bryce's "smoking squash" and Bryn's "Rat Rod 2.0"
At the nine o'clock gun
We didn't make the nine o'clock gun on time for the shot, but we made a good try
Listen to the music
So we chilled at the gun for a while
then the moon shone down
Can you hear us Major Tom?
At Siwash
A short roll from the gun and we hung at Siwash for a while
A dark and loomy night
Leave'n on the coast train
All things must pass and we decided to roll to Rocky Point and then home
We stopped at the roundabout to regroup before entering the park
Spacey seat
Last friday I once again messed around with long exposures.. .but this time I had my tripod along and that my friends made a difference
Friday's ride pics
Last friday I once again messed around with long exposures... but this time I had my tripod along and that my friends made a difference
Mikes sweet ride
nice vintage road bike
There was this dude with a pointy beard that wanted to sell us some hardly used bicycle parts, I tried to take a pic of him, but well...
Ted's lil red beauty
Nice lil vintage ride
Logan's muscle chopper
Cool little chopper with lights you can't miss
George's Electra
It was great to have George of the Surrey crowd riding with us
Cruiser on the sea wall at night
Pat's trek cruiser on the sea wall
Pat and his cruiser
Kinda looks a little like a ghost
Rat Rod ver. 2.0
Bryn's Rat Rod ver. 2.0 in a cheese cake pose
And add this
And add this
Rat Rod ver 2.0 gone tribal
Bryn's Rat Rod ver 2.0 gone tribal
Last Sunday we had a great ride
John and I met up on commercial drive and rolled down through Strathcona
We dropped into a great little kitch store called Unhauser... lots of Tikis and other 50's kitch
Chinatown 2
Pretty soon we headed into the city looking for more kewl stuff
Simon's bike store
dropped by Simon's bike store on Robson Strasse .. great little bike store especially if you want some spokes cut for you
Serge's Mean Green machine
We met up with some fellow riders at legoland and rode to Burrard bridge
My sweet ride
My Sparker under the Burrard bridge
Robert's Rollfast under the Burrard bridge
Beautiful, classic and old Rollfast (1918?)
Rollfast detail
like it sez
We rolled from Burrard bridge (ran into Megan) to Stanley park and ran into Joe, and Anton...didn't go into the park beyond second beach...too busy!!! ... so we rolled back around False Creek (ran into Brian) and stopped in front of the Olympic Village for some R and R
We took turns taking the shots
A lot of ham on that deck chair
Megan grins
Did we have a good time! Megan's grin says it all
Bryce's rat.jpg
Choppa tree.jpg
Down the forks of the Ratfink .jpg
Forkin hell.jpg
George's Electra.jpg
George's Helmet.jpg
Good Times!.jpg
Hello, I'm Bryn's ratrod.jpg
Joe's Elgin.jpg
Las shot o B's rat.jpg
Ma Hoss.jpg
Maggie's beautiful karma.jpg
Mo Maggie's purple limo.jpg
Mo Ratfink.jpg
Neal's vintage.jpg
O Raleigh.jpg
Tough lil silver.jpg
By the tracks.jpg
Garden bike.jpg
At the Patricia.jpg
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