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Kegerator Here I Come!

by Bryn — last modified Aug 11, 2009 09:13 PM

I've been doing U-brew for a looooong time - that's a lot of why my Beer Review doesn't get updated so often! Well how about I start reviewing more than just commercial beer? Yes, it's the KEGERATOR! 168 lbs empty she's a beast!

OK, I don't screw around.

When I decide I'm going to do something, I do it as right as I possibly can.  If that means building a website, I do the best I possibly can with a website.  If I decide I need to make my beer drinking experience beter, well - you get the picture!

I'm sick and tired of washing bottles.  Standing there with the apron on and rubber gloves going rinse-rinse-bleach one by one sucks.  I'm done having a big pile of bottles in my house.  In short I'm DONE with having all that packaging to worry about!  Straight up, when I buy cans from the liquor store I leave the 6-pack ring and recipt with them, and refuse a bag.  Packaging sucks!

So what comes next?  Well, the natural progression is to look at what I like about having bottles so much.  I like that they cost basically nothing - once you buy 'em they're yours and you can use 'em again and again.  I like that beer tastes better out of a bottle than out of a can.  I like the experience of drinking out of glass.  I hate the cleanup!

That pretty much leaves us at a draft system.  One time purchase price and you're done - you never have to clean another bottle.  You DO need to clean some lines and things but that's not nearly so bad.  Enter the KEGERATOR!!

Silver King

Like I said, I don't screw around...

This is a Silver King commercial under-counter fridge.  It's designed to live up to the cruel, cruel world of commercial food preparation which means it was designed from day one to be abused, and better yet repaired!  No sense in building your kegerator around some crappy cheap fridge that bites the dust in a couple years and you have to start from scratch.  This baby was built to LAST!

Kegerator Inside 

For now I've just got my cans in there - had to make sure the fridge worked before I started putting even more beer in there! There's a glass up at the top with a thermometer in it - the air temp inside your fridge isn't really anything more than "of interest" - the actual temperature of the liquid inside is what matters.  Beer doesn't pour right unless it's between 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit. Doesn't mean that's the right temp to drink it at!! There's NOTHING wrong with pouring in to a warmer glass and giving it a chance to gain a little temperature - only crappy beer tastes better the colder it is!


My taps and things show up some time HOPEFULLY this week, or early next week at the latest.  Only thing is I'm going to be away next week - I'll be going nuts if it doesn't show up by Friday!!!!  More to come as things progress...

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