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Shaftebury Winter Nights Black & Tan

by Bryn — last modified Dec 02, 2006 06:48 PM

Shaftebury has joined in on the winter ale bandwagon with their Winter Nights Black & Tan

These days Shaftebury Brewing Company is a regional division of Sleeman but it is still an all Canadian brewery. Shaftebury is considered a 'Regional Brand' of Sleeman with its brewery in Delta and has been around since 1987 while Sleeman itself has been brewing since 1934.

As with most winter ales Shaftebury Winter Nights is a darker beer. The colour is quite close to a real black and tan although it's a bit lighter than the famous Harp mix. It's a reasonably smooth drinking beer - I'll confess I usually find a bit of an aftertaste on Shaftebury products that I'm not super excited about but I'd definitely choose this over the majority of the Shaftebury lineup.

How does it compare to other Winter Ales? Well, as a relative newcomer on the Winter Ale scene I'll have to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that I see potential for a really nice Winter Ale in the future. I'd choose Granville Island Winter over the Shaftebury and I'd choose Nelson Faceplant over both of them.

It's not a bad beer by any means - It'll beat most of the Sleeman lineup without even breaking a sweat. But it just doesn't have the smooth finish that I'm looking for, a fault I find all too common with Shaftebury beers when compared to the competition.
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