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Elgin, JC Higgins, J.C. Higgins, They're All Sears bikes, and all freaking awesome!!  I love that the Firestone bikes are all the same frames too... It's too bad there isn't more information out there about these bikes as they totally kick ass.  Yes, they're not quite as good quality as a Schwinn, but they're absolutely serviceable and personally I find they fit taller riders a bit better.  One really could ask why AREN'T these bikes ruling the world about now?!?

Dang Snow

by Bryn — last modified Jan 13, 2007 12:28 PM

I want to ride my bike!!!!!!!!!!

So no rides for me since just after New Years now. Yargh, this sucks. The whole area around our place is a skating rink - only the main streets are clear and I'm not about to start cruising along down the hill on Oak or some silliness like that. With any luck the sun that's shining through the window right now will melt things a bit and I'll be able to get out soon.

Of course when I get trapped inside I start fiddling with the site... I've made a couple of small changes - one new thing is the visitor map down on the bottom corner of the front page. The map keeps track of where people visit from and basically puts 'pins' in the map to show it geographically. Naturally most of our visits come from Vancouver but I see a bunch of pins popping up from other areas of the continent. Hello all you long distance readers!

Another new thing is an improved 'Upcoming Events' portlet... It now shows the date the event will actually HAPPEN on, not the date the event was posted. That was really annoying me... It also disappears when there's no upcoming events, something I'm not sure if I like or not yet.

Finally, I've put a new poll up, let's get some bikeographics!

So what else? I see that a couple of the manufacturers have gotten their 2007 catalogues up:

Felt 2007
Kustom Kruiser 2007
Fuji 2007

Of note is that Kustom Kruiser has all new frames this year - all the previous Kustom Kruiser bikes were the Dyno frame designs with just a name change and some new colours, this is the first major overhaul of the line since Kustom Kruiser came to be.

The reaction to the new Felt bikes... hmmm... There's a couple new colours that aren't bad, a few of the old ones are gone (no more Kingpin, no more Flying Machine) but otherwise not a lot new.
Still no new bikes yet from Electra, Nirve, Simple or Manhattan... Most of the bike shops are pretty empty right now as they haven't done their 2007 orders yet for obvious reasons so if you're looking for a new cruiser you probably want to wait a little while, all that's left is the stuff that didn't sell last year.

That's about all I can think of for the moment... Until next time!
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