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Elgin, JC Higgins, J.C. Higgins, They're All Sears bikes, and all freaking awesome!!  I love that the Firestone bikes are all the same frames too... It's too bad there isn't more information out there about these bikes as they totally kick ass.  Yes, they're not quite as good quality as a Schwinn, but they're absolutely serviceable and personally I find they fit taller riders a bit better.  One really could ask why AREN'T these bikes ruling the world about now?!?

Just when you thought it was safe...

by Bryn — last modified Apr 04, 2007 06:45 PM

That dang tire goes again!

Monday evening was nice... Cold but nice...

Mad Dog and I went out for a rip... Turns out my cell phone had freaked out and wasn't actually sending the text messages I was entering so nobody else got the call to ride. That actually works out better sometimes though 'cuz when there's just two of you and you're both strong riders you can pretty much go wherever you want.

We took off East from Science World through Strathcona and up the famous "Dylan's Crank Eating" hill before stopping for a quick break. Headed further South and a little bit more West and kept on climbing. Got all the way up around 39th or so (the crest pretty much - you go any further south and you're dropping down the other side) on the Windsor bike trail before we started heading West again.

Got to Fraser and dropped down to 37th to get through the cemetary - I'm all for cutting through it on a nice sunny day but I'm not venturing in at night without Kendal! ;)

Kept along 37th till we hit Queen Elizabeth park and tried to take the hill all the way up to the top. ALMOST made it, good thing there's some benches at the top there to take a break on. We sat there for a good 15 minutes or so before Mad Dog looks over at my bike and goes "Hey, check out your back tire!"...

Well, you guessed it... Flat as a pancake. Turns out there was a little triangular chunk of sea shell sliced right through my tire and firmly affixed just working its way through my tube. Still in there from Friday... I'd managed to ride the rest of the night on Friday plus all over East Vancouver before it finally gave out. Well, Mad Dog to the rescue again! This time we managed to patch it up - he only had one tube left (!!!) and didn't REALLY want to cough it up if he didn't have to. Regardless I owe him a beer or 3... ;)

Anyhow, good times, the patch took care of things and it was all downhill home from there (kinda hard NOT to go downhill from there, they call it "Little Mountain" for a reason!). Till next time!

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