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Elgin, JC Higgins, J.C. Higgins, They're All Sears bikes, and all freaking awesome!!  I love that the Firestone bikes are all the same frames too... It's too bad there isn't more information out there about these bikes as they totally kick ass.  Yes, they're not quite as good quality as a Schwinn, but they're absolutely serviceable and personally I find they fit taller riders a bit better.  One really could ask why AREN'T these bikes ruling the world about now?!?

New Routes...

by Bryn — last modified Nov 14, 2007 08:13 PM

Make hay while the sun shines!

Saturday was a blast... After getting rained out Friday night we pulled ourselves together early enough Saturday morning to be out the door for a noon ride... It was HOT!! Definitely a day to be out riding...

This route worked out awesome... Barely any climbing at all, or so it seemed at the time. Lots of gorgeous parks and things to pass by, stop at, whatever, and all without the crowds down along the SeaWall.

Trout Lake ended up being extra special - we stopped at the picnic area to find a xylophonist out enjoying the day too. One of those afternoons that makes you feel like everything else you go through in your week is worth it... Good friends, good times and live music!

Crossing the city was great - enjoyed Shaughnessy for yet another afternoon. The sun sort of started taking off around Quilchenna Park but it stayed dry and that's all that really matters... I've never gone quite this way out of Shaughnessy before, it was definitely the way to go. Basically a bee-line for Jerimiah's from there for some lunch. Wow, who could ask for anything more?

Monday "afternoon" we had another fun one...  Met up with Danu for a ride around 4:30, well at this time of year it's dark about then!!  By the time we'd ridden up to Trout Lake it was already pretty much night time and barely even 5:00.

Went up to Central Park via a slightly different route than normal, still need to do some work figuring out the best way to get from Trout up to that elevation.  It's totally rideable but I have a feeling there's some magic route out there somewhere...

Got in to the bottom end of Central Park around 6:15, not bad at all considering we'd had a decent stop at Trout.  I'd ridden along Victory a few months ago to go visit a friend out that way so once we found it we headed that way again... It eventually meets up with the SkyTrain route again but there's a way better view from Victory than from the SkyTrain route by a long shot.

SkyTrain back down to New West was pretty uneventful.  Same old same old... Got home by 8:30 or so, that's a lot of miles for just a few hours cruising!

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