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Elgin, JC Higgins, J.C. Higgins, They're All Sears bikes, and all freaking awesome!!  I love that the Firestone bikes are all the same frames too... It's too bad there isn't more information out there about these bikes as they totally kick ass.  Yes, they're not quite as good quality as a Schwinn, but they're absolutely serviceable and personally I find they fit taller riders a bit better.  One really could ask why AREN'T these bikes ruling the world about now?!?

Thursday "Hey, It Might Rain Tomorrow" Ride

by Bryn — last modified Feb 10, 2007 02:31 PM

Got out on Thursday too! Weather was FANTASTIC, not to be missed...

So Thursday afternoon was looking gorgeous. Checked the forecast and Friday was looking like rain. Uh oh... don't want to miss out! Fired off some text messages to see who was in for it and managed to pull a good crew together!

From the North Shore we had Jaime, Joe and Luke... Representing this side of the water was Mad Dog, Dylan, Kendal and myself. Good times!

Rolled over the top of the park down to the water park. Everyone was ready to ride so we kept going on up past the lighthouse and decided to skip the gun since it was only about 8:30. Cruised on to the roundabout and popped through to the other side.

Pace was good and the weather was warm, why stop? Kept the pedals turning right around to the fences just before Siawash rock.

Couldn't believe how warm it was! Clouds had completely cleared out, stars were shining, couldn't be better.  We kicked back there for a bit, Dylan and Kendal never ended up popping up so we were starting to get worried.  Turned out they took off back in the West End - we had ridden pretty hard on Tuesday and they were just a few blocks from their house, c'est la vie...  Kendal gave me a shout on my phone to let me know they were still in fact alive.

Rode hard on back to the Burrard bridge from there.  Kept the pace going pretty quick the whole night with not too many stops.  After the bridge we hit the woods over at the Casino.  Broke up from there - North Shore crew headed back towards the SeaBus.  Mad Dog and I chilled for another while before I hauled myself back up the hill towards home.
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