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Elgin, JC Higgins, J.C. Higgins, They're All Sears bikes, and all freaking awesome!!  I love that the Firestone bikes are all the same frames too... It's too bad there isn't more information out there about these bikes as they totally kick ass.  Yes, they're not quite as good quality as a Schwinn, but they're absolutely serviceable and personally I find they fit taller riders a bit better.  One really could ask why AREN'T these bikes ruling the world about now?!?

Weird Stuff

Nov 20, 2009

Will this rain EVER stop?!?

by Bryn — last modified Nov 20, 2009 09:08 AM
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At this time of year when you see that little break in the weather you RUN for your bike!! read more...

Apr 29, 2009

Denmark's Approach to Helmet Laws

by Bryn — last modified Apr 29, 2009 12:05 AM
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Here we have police officers that hide in bushes and jump out to give you a ticket... This is the approach being taken in Denmark! read more...

Mar 07, 2008

Someone HAS to get one of these...

by Bryn — last modified Mar 07, 2008 06:55 PM
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Feb 22, 2008

Clunkers, Fog & Warm Weather

by Bryn — last modified Feb 22, 2008 08:14 AM
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Mish-mash of topics today!

Feb 06, 2008

(Don't) Be A Monkey!

by Bryn — last modified Feb 06, 2008 12:55 PM
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Bike safety film from 1960something...

Jul 12, 2007

Ain't Got No Time fo no Jibba Jabba!

by Bryn — last modified Jul 12, 2007 09:01 PM
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What's all this supposed to be about anyhow?

Jun 17, 2007

Right Back At It

by Bryn — last modified Jun 17, 2007 03:23 PM

Tail end of this week turned in to a nice big ridefest... Awesome! read more...

Apr 20, 2007

On Dissension

by Bryn — last modified Apr 20, 2007 11:51 AM
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Like throwing rocks at a hornet's nest...

Jan 31, 2007

Look At 'er Grow!

by Bryn — last modified Jan 31, 2007 11:54 PM
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Wow, I'm impressed... Vancruisers has been picking up traffic like mad and it's still the middle of winter! read more...

Nov 21, 2006

Ride the Seawall in 5 minutes!

by Bryn — last modified Nov 21, 2006 04:29 PM

I swear I have dreams like this sometimes...

Aug 17, 2006

Cyclists Beware!

by Bryn — last modified Aug 17, 2006 09:44 AM
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Sometimes online translators really aren't the best bet. When it comes to Welsh I'm surprised anyone even ATTEMPTS to use one but this local city council decided to put a little too much faith in technology... read more...

Aug 07, 2006

Places NOT to park your bike

by Bryn — last modified Aug 07, 2006 12:26 PM
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We all know about bad places to park, but this one takes the cake! read more...