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All my blog posts in one spot!

Some Vancruisers Terminology
I was realizing the other day when trying to tell someone where we were going that we have some language all our own... Here's a few!
Vancruisers Turns 5 Years Old!
Happy birthday!!
Sturmey Archer 2-Speed Kickback
I found this great review of the new Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback - sounds like a great hub!
Weather Shmether, Canada Bikes Anyhow!
Just a quicky post as I'm off to the Fest-Of-Ale in Penticton in a few hours!! Found this interesting chart on Gordon Price's blog showing bike usage share across North America. The results are suprising!
Cars vs. Horses: A lesson in history
With all the hubabaloo I've seen about the bike lanes and some of the frankly ludicrous attitudes shown by some people out there, I found this article quite refreshing!! Check out Average Joe Cyclist's take on things...
Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout
Wow, long time no write! That's what having a kegerator at home does... Here's an absolutely delicious beer to break the drought!
At What Cost?
Numbers numbers numbers... The City of Vancouver has pledged $25 million over 3 years for bike lane improvements, including the Hornby and Dunsmuir separated bike lanes. Here's a look at how that looks compared to other capital programs the CoV takes on every year.
Hornby Bike Lane Open!
Vancouver can now proudly say we have two major separated bike routes in our Downtown core! Check out a video of the new route...
What's In Your Bag?
No, I don't mean road pops... I mean things like tools!! As a lot of you know I carry a fairly complete set of tools with me when i ride, but I'm a really firm believer that everyone should have at least enough with them to at least fix a flat.
Let Them Eat Cake!
It seems to be a trend lately that Mayors and Council members from various cities around the world have taken to the streets and actually TRIED biking around the cities they are responsible for. Not surprisingly the results are almost always the same - it comes as a huge eye opener, prompting significant changes in policy and a sudden realization that they really haven't been serving their public as well as they could have been.
Outdoor Movies in Vancouver - Coming Up July 2010!
We've popped on down to the outdoor movie events in Stanley Park a few years in a row now! It's a great way to spend an evening, weather permitting... Click on through to see the schedule and listings for 2010!
New Dunsmuir Bike Lane Open
The new bike route through downtown on Dunsmuir is now ready to ride, just in time for summer!! It's FANTASTIC!!
CoV's Goal: 10% of all trips in Vancouver to be by BIKE
Vancouver has put $25 million over the next 2 years on the table for bike route improvements. The goal is to increase cycling from the 3.7% share it currently has to 10% of all trips, a worthy goal which some say is a pipe dream.
Vancouver goes Bike Crazy
I am absolutely in love with our current city council when it comes to bike-related infrastructure changes. This council has done more for cyclists in the past few years than has happened in probably the last 15 or so. And the hits just keep on coming!!
Cycling Education
We were chatting the other night about coming up with a 'Rules for Cruising' bible... Got me thinking about cycling education in general, and realizing that what's important for us is a lot different from your average commuter...
2010 Fest of Ale - April 9/10
It's NEARLY time for the Fest of Ale again!!
Sturmey Archer X-RD5 (W) Review
I got me a new hub laced up, yup yup! Busted out about 20km on it the other day, here's my thoughts so far...
Cruiser Thoughts
The thing about an open mind is you change your views from time to time. When I first started cruising it was "Seat as low as possible, NO HELMETS and Coaster brake or nothing"... These days it's pretty much the opposite...
Olympic Bike Closures
Well, here we are in January and the Olympic bike detours are starting up!! So far, not so good... Went riding twice this week and hit some rather stupid reroutes both times so figured it was time to get it all posted up here!
Momentum Planet: Biking in a Rainforest City
Momentum has a great article about riding in Vancouver, along with a photo of a couple of our members!
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