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Maps & Markers

Central Vancouver Topographical Map
A topo map showing a big chunk of central Vancouver. No street overlay but really shows you what you're playing with...
Burnaby Topo Map
Burnaby area topographical map
My New Toy
I got a new toy! It records where we go so I can upload route maps here to Vancruisers!
Heavy Pedal Ride - June 17 2009
This was an attempt to scout out the ride for the Royal City Show and Shine. We rode all the way up to Patterson which was a bit much with the rest of the route, especially considering we didn't take much in the way of breaks or anything. I definitely don't want to take a group along Government street - we'll find something better, probably along the lake (even though that's technically "naughty")
Prototyping Run
Just a quicky, I haven't really edited this one but here's our route from Science World through the loop as we rode it last night.
Royal City Show and Shine - Tentative Route Map
This is pretty much what we did for 2009 - worked out great! What an awesome day!
Summer 2009
Winter 2010
The Rides of Winter 2010! Go Olympics! Or maybe not...
Non-Bike Maps
Maps that have nothing to do with riding...
Spring 2010
Fall 2011
Fall Rides for 2011
Combined Recordings
This is everything that I've recorded, or at least everything that I can find at the moment... All consolidated in to one map!
George Wainborn Park
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