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Winter 2010

The Rides of Winter 2010! Go Olympics! Or maybe not...

2010-01-20 Heavy Pedal
Had a great Heavy Pedal across the new bike bridge to Richmond... Second Richmond heavy pedal ever!
March 4 2010 Heavy Pedal
Our Heavy Pedal ride March 4, 2010 - SUPER fun route downhill through Burnaby!! Drum brakes a MUST!
March 11 2010 Heavy Pedal
Heavy heavy, got too heavy for you babaaaayyyyyyy!!! Nice loop through Van, the plan was AVOID THE RAIN. South slope is probably 75% less wet than the North side of Van, in case you were wondering. Got a couple light sprinkles while I bet all those Shories got nailed with nasty 3-degree ice rain... PS... For some reason this particular map is blue for a while before "appearing"... Dunno what to tell you except Teh Internet is for Pron!
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