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Hello TCR!

Terminal City Riders is now live! Come on over to for bikey fun open to ALL types of bikes!

Over the past few years I've seen more and more variety in the bikes riding with us - while we still definitely have a massive Vintage Cruiser contingent we definitely are seeing a much more diverse group of bikes riding with us. Likewise the "new school" cruisers have definitely reduced in number - there was a time when half the bikes on a ride were Felt, Electra, Nirve, etc while today they are a small minority at best.

Likewise over the past 10 years that I have been running Vancruisers there has been a significant increase in the number of other social cyclist groups here in Vancouver (Bike Rides Society, Velopalooza, etc). A common theme I keep encountering when talking with folks in those other groups is "Oh yeah, I know about your rides. I don't have a cruiser though..." Wait! We never said "Cruisers Only!", the focus was supposed to be on social cycling!

With that in mind I've decided to make some changes for 2016 to better reflect today's "world" so to speak...

#1 - Vancruisers won't go away; I'll continue to maintain the calendar here and use it as a tool to promote and host rides. 😀

#2 - When it comes to Vintage Cruisers we HAVE a great group of people with the Vancouver Wheelmen who's mission is to promote and share our love for vintage bikes. It only makes sense to raise the profile of the Wheelmen as "THE" vintage group rather than having things diluted with Vancruisers.

#3 - We need a way of promoting rides that doesn't have "cruiser" right in the name. Our social rides are about great people enjoying Vancouver on bikes. Obviously we all love what we ride but being together outdoors is what it's all about. Whether you showed up on a brand new commuter bike or a 100 year old Elgin you're welcome to participate.

I want to try and respect the vintage culture that's part of our group while giving us a new name to help meet the goals of a more inclusive feeling. With that we thought about adopting the name of one of Vancouver's original cycling groups, the Terminal City Cycling Club. However the word "Club" bothered me a little too as we aren't "exclusive" or anything like that. So, without further adieu, welcome to the Terminal City Riders!

TCR will be an inclusive group to promote social cycling in Vancouver with the goal of being open to all bikes and riders. My intent is to focus my promotional efforts for 2016 using TCR for our group rides that aren't about vintage bikes (ie Summer Solstice, East Side Ride, lots of the theme rides) while using the Wheelmen brand to promote "Vintage Preferred" events.


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