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New "Albums" Page in our Pics & Videos Section!

I've been learning all kinds of new tricks with Vancruisers 2.0 - we now have a new "Albums" section for complete photo albums! No more picking through one photo at a time!

It's always been something that's driven me nuts with Vancruisers - you go and see what's new in the photos and notice a bunch listed there... Yup, click on them, but were there more?  How about taking me to the WHOLE album that someone uploaded rather than just one or two photos?!

Well the new site has lots of awesome new things on the back end, one of them is a way easier to use system for indexing things... That has let me set up a brand new "Albums" page in our Pics & Videos section!

It automagically finds folders with pictures in them and displays them as an album - now you can find people's photo uploads WAY easier.  Tied in with the new Slideshow feature and it's a BLAST!  Check it out!

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