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Tweaking and Tuning

Might have noticed the site up and down a bit over the past few days - been getting the last details together, we're pretty much rocking now!

Whew, getting the new site together has been a lot of work!  There were a few bits and pieces that wern't quite right after the conversion but it's pretty much all fixed now.  Things that weren't working but now are:

  • The site once again knows all the details you entered into your profile before, like the name you chose, your location, etc
  • Password Reset feature is working again now, it was broken before
  • Ride Alert newsletter is working, and is now better than ever!  The old one was manual - I had to actually click something to send messages out which I always ended up forgetting about.  The new one will message you automatically a week before a ride, and then shoot out a last minute reminder.  Oh, and the notification emails actually have the TIME, DATE and LOCATION of the ride now!  Kind of useful details...
  • Right when I launched I didn't have Captchas on the registration page... Well the spambots figured that one out really quick!!  I ended up resetting the user database back to the one from the old site so if you signed up new between March 9 and March 13 your account is gone, sorry 'bout that... There was only one user that actually signed up and logged in so hopefully there's not too many people affected.
  • Commenting seems to be working fine - I REALLY need some of you out there to give some of the site bells and whistles a shot, try out the comments, go visit the forums, post something for sale in the classified section, you name it!


Stuff that still isn't working 100%:

  • Commenting on blog posts - the "Add Comment" button may or may not be there depending on how you got to the post.  If you click on someone's blog from the 'Blogs' page and then click on a posting, you can post a comment.  If you click directly on a blog post from the "New Blog Posts" listings anywhere the button is missing.  I've logged it with the developer of the blog software, he's on vacation right now but has a patch together... Should be fixed in another couple of weeks
  • Yeah, there's a green line missing on the front page... If you haven't noticed I'm not telling!  If you have, well it's one of those niggly little details that drives me nuts... Yaaarrr! It's drivin' me nuts!
  • The brand new 'Upload' tab only works on Macs and Windows, not Linux.  According to my stats that's less than 5% of you all... Unfortunately for me I'm one of that 5%... Grrr...


I'm sure we'll find some other bits and pieces that need fixing as time goes on, but the new site is really SOLID and I'm certainly having a lot more fun using it than I did with the old one.

Oh, I'm going to put a "HELP" section together with instructions on how to do things like:

  • Post videos (Add a 'Link' to post a YouTube/Google/Whatever video, or add a 'File' to upload something from your computer)
  • Work with blogs (If you don't have a blog at all yet, then you need to 'Add -> Weblog'... But to post a blog ENTRY you go to your blog and click 'Add Weblog Entry', DON'T create a whole new blog!!)
  • Upload your stuff
  • etc
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