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Article Images

Images used in various articles, etc

Sturmey Logo
The Sturmey Archer logo
Sturmey Archer AWC
A 'New' Sturmey Archer AWC coaster hub of the post-2000 variety.
Sturmey Archer TCW
The worst Sturmey Archer 3-speed coaster hub ever, the TCW Tricoaster.
Sturmey Archer SRC3
A Sturmey Archer SRC3 three-speed coaster brake hub
Shimano Logo
Nexus Inter-3
Shimano Nexus Inter-3 hub
Bike Crash
One Piece Crank
Here's an example of a one-piece crank with chainring...
Coaster Brake
A coaster brake bike
Summer Solstice 2005
A picture of us Summer 2005 by Calvin Hass
Christmas Time
CCM Cheetah
Pictures of Amber's CCM Cheetah
Cactus Cruiser Crawl
Sachs Torpedo Single
F&S Torpedo, also known as the 'Komet Super'
Sachs Torpedo 3-Speed
F&S Torpedo 3
Christmas Morning
Time to wake up and unwrap your presents!
Sheldon Brown
72-Spoke Wheels For Sale
Shimano Nexus Grease
This is the "proper" grease for Shimano Nexus hubs
Sears Catalog - Elgin Motorbike c. 1910
Page from a 1910 Sears catalog with my new (old) Elgin!
Neil's Bikes For Sale
Illuminares Fire Dancers
Weyerbacher Brewing Old Heathen Imperial Stout
A nice thick dark stout that's got some potency to it!
Ontario Bike Route Detour
Detail showing the bike route detour on Ontario
Olympic Village
Olympic Village bike closures
Convention Center Bike Detour
Bike closures by the Convention Center
Yaletown - David Lam Park
Yaletown area bike route closures
Bike Helmet
Pro-Tec multi-sport bike helmet
Sturmey Archer X-RD5 (w)
The Sturmey Archer X-RD5 (w), an alloy shell 5-speed made by "New" Sturmey
Surmey Archer DLS52 R5
5-speed rapid fire under bar shifter for the new "Wide" style Sturmey hubs
Timbuktu Messenger Bag
My current bike bag - grabbed this while I was down in Portland! I love it, highly recommended...
What's In My Bike Bag
Tools galore!!
What's In Bag
Vancouver Wheelmen Swap
Canada Bikes: Percentage of Trips By Bike in North America
Map of North America showing percentage of trips made by bicycle. The results are suprising!
Monthly Vintage Roll
Wiggin Out
Wiggin Out Again
Nutcase Street Gen2 Pics
Pictures for my Nutcase Street Gen2 Review
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