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Cruiser Safety Rules

Yeah yeah, rules schmules... But here's a few things to keep in mind because none of us like hearing about someone getting hurt.

**1. Stay away from cars!!**



 Cars can't hit you if you're nowhere near them.  Sidestreets are a good choice, heck even the sidewalk is acceptable in most areas.  If there's too much traffic around then get off your bike.  Remember a LOT of drivers are about as drunk as you are, only they're riding around in 3000lbs of steel while you're only riding around on 30lbs at best.  Assume that every car is out to get you and just stay the hell out of their way.



**2. Use lights at night!!**



 Bike lights aren't just for geeks.  Lighting up your bike is just another way we can customize our rides.  Make sure you're well lit from all sides and have fun with it - once you start getting clever with your lighting it gets to be a lot of fun.  Being seen is a huge part of what cruiser riding is all about, why should it end when it gets dark!  Most of all make sure you can SEE where you're going!  Dinky little dim lights don't stop you running in to unexpected curbs, tree branches, drain grates and other bike eating hazards.



**3. Don't ride alone!!**



 Try and find someone going the same way as you when you're heading home - safety in numbers and all that.  Most of us have at least one other person heading in the same general direction and the more riders there are the less likely a driver is to not notice a rider.  Even better if you get a flat or something there will be other people around to help you out or at least share in the misery.  If you have to ride alone stay off major streets and above all else watch out for cars coming out of sidestreets and alleys!  Most cyclists get hit from the side, not the front or the back.


None of these rules are particularly ominous - just be careful out there and above all be alert.  Riding around intoxicated on a bike isn't the safest thing in the world so you have to put in a little extra care.
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