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Double DragWheel

by Jim Junget — last modified Nov 20, 2006 06:20 PM
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how to build a double rim / drg wheel

It has come to my attention that this article is actually copied from another site. is all about sharing, but it sure isn't about taking credit for other people's work!

The original author of the article is Jim Junget, and you can find his original post here:


techhub Start with a large flange hub. Drill and countersink 18 more holes on each side
ltech Take your two rims and tape them together with the stem holes 180 degrees apart. Then insert your first nine spokes in every fourth hole in the hub and every fourth hole in the rim. Then flip the wheel over and insert the first nine spokes in the other side. Next is to skip one hole from the first spoke and cross this one to the opposite rim, skipping one hole in the rim, also
ltech2 Now, for the next nine spokes, start next to the first spoke, begin to cross the spokes, counting ten holes in the rim in the other direction. Turn the wheels over and repeat the other side. Now the last spokes will cross in the same three-cross pattern by skipping ten holes in the rim, but these will cross over to the other rim. The last step is to place the wheel in the truing stand and straighten the wheel up. If you use wide tires you will need to put spacers between the rims for tire separation 
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Avatar Posted by CBC Guy at Nov 20, 2006 07:26 PM
What do you do to keep the two rims stuck together? Or is the spoke tension enough...? What about tube(s)?


Avatar Posted by spbw sean at Nov 26, 2006 11:40 AM
the spoke tension holds the rims together. I have tried riveting them before but found it wasnt needed. Use 2 inner tubes and two tires. this gives you grip and stability in snow and icy conditions.....great fun for winter warrior bikes. For more of a drag application yoiu can use 2 tubes but 1 wide tire.
Although I can get up to 26X4.5"" rims now. need em wanna see em? contact me