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'60s Hawthorne



Welcome to the Bikes & Parts Classified section! We have our own local listings plus a variety of results from Craigslist.
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Welcome to the NEW Classified section!

The Vancruisers Orange areas on the right are classified ads posted by site members, while the white area below is results from Craigslist.  The best of both worlds!

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Stolen Bikes

Had your bike stolen?

First off, post it up here in our Classified section - that way there's lots of eyes looking out for it!

The police often recover stolen bikes during arrests for other crimes. Unfortunately most bicycles found by the police have no identification whatsoever that can associate them with their original owner.

If you have the serial number for your bike, you can check the police database HERE to see if it is listed!

Canadian Police Info Centre Bike Search

It's also wise to check the database when buying a used bike - ask the seller to send you the serial number before going to view the bike. If they refuse, well, what do YOU think? The last thing you want is to get tackled by some 6'2" guy because you're riding "his" bike!