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Bryn's 2005 Manhattan Aero

My first 'real' cruiser and my introduction into the Vancouver cruising scene




This is my Manhattan Aero - the inspiration for the site's logo in fact!


I grabbed this bike totally by random summer of 2005. I was out at Sports Junkies of all places and spotted it up in the front corner under a really ugly pair of commuter saddle bags - yellow with reflective stripes, ugh!


Took it out for a test ride, decided it was the bike for me, gave the man the money and I was on my way!


So what could I do on my first day with my new ride but, well, ride? None of my other cruiser-equipped friends were available so solo it was...


Got down to False Creek about as far as the Burrard bridge and low and behold, a hundred some odd cruisers come barelling on towards me! Someone yelled "Hey, you're going the wrong way!!" - I turned around and have never looked back.






The ride I ran in to was Rod's Birthday Ride, 2005. I stuck with the group on to Dix pub where the ride was finishing up. Chilled out, looked at bikes and absolutely couldn't believe my luck. How much better a day can you have than that!


Manhattan is the cruiser arm of KHS, better known for their road bikes. They have gone downhill quite a bit from then, these fenders for instance are long gone from their lineup. The 2006 Aero

for instance is butt ugly but in my mind they had a hit in 2005, too bad it didn't last.





I've changed out quite a bit on this bike since I got it... First thing to go was the grips, seat and pedals. The stock bits there were pretty bad - plastic pedals and really soft grips that tore up in a few months. I've got a set of shin-eating BMX pedals now, great for wet days. Grips and seat are Electra Stream Ride.


Next came new black alloy rims, Nirve Badass tires, a Sturmey AWC rear hub and the ape hangers. That made the bike a HELL of a lot more comfortable!!


A lot of you might remember the suitcase-like basket I used to have on this bike too... I took that off this summer when I added the lay-back seatpost. The stock rack was way too short looking on the bike with the different seatpost so bye bye rack, bye bye basket.





I'm on my second rear hub now... this one is a Sturmey Archer SRC3, the 'new' version of the old AWC I managed to kill doing too many skids.


Other items include a CNC machined aluminum chainring and my under-seat stereo setup.


I absolutely love riding this bike. It's super super comfortable and a really smooth ride. It handles a bit like a truck - I'm sure it could go through just about anything. While she certainly shows the effects of a lot of miles ridden I don't think I'd ever give her up.
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