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Carlos' Deelite

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Nice lowrider sent in by Carlos!

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Fred Deely Cycles
?? Wish I knew
~Fiberglass molded gas tank, and side flares. Bondo Smoothed out edges
~House of Kolors pearl paint, "Tangelo"
~custom 2 tone pin stripping
~20" 144 spoke chrome wheels
~Bent springer forks
~Ape Hanger handle bars
~Chrome Fenders
~Black Vinyl Banana Seat
~Shorty Sissy bar.
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Well my love for Lowrider bikes started when i was 12 years old, my brother came home with a Lowrider magazine. I saw kids my age (at the time) cruising the streets of LA in customized bikes! I knew from there i was gonna have my own. About 6-7 years later, i was driving through Aldergrove when in the corner of my eye up against a fence of a drive way was a purple sting ray looking bike. My luck that day got even better when on the lawn was a GARAGE SALE sign. I pulled an illegal U Turn and walked up to the bike. asked how much, didnt even haggle gave the man $50 and stuffed it into the trunk of my car. Over the range of about a year it was sandblasted, fiberglassed, primed and slowly built up. I was only 17 at the time so income was slow. I slowly stock pilled all the new parts and frame into bins,boxes,bags. and kinda forgot about it. Untill Last year (2008) when i decided it was time to finish it. At this point i have had this bike for about 5 years. I knew i wanted a loud colour so when flipping through hot rod magazines etc i came across a 41 Willys coupe and the colour was of the page! So thats the colour it got. I built it back up again, and thought i was finished but i couldnt settle on it. Something was missing. Airbrushing was the original solution, but when the idea of pin stripping came up, i knew it had to be done. So summer 2009 the stripes were laid down!

The result in my eyes is: Its the bike i would have wanted when i was 12 years old. 90s style of lowrider bike, no outrages un rideable choped frame, loud colour and parts that were almost impossible to find here in Canada at the time.



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