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Chain Gang Lowrider's ArmyBobber

Contributors: bhughes

Curtis of Chain Gang Lowrider in Calgary has sent us his Army Bobber custom






Here's what resulted from an increasing interest in military vehicles a little while ago. Isn't it funny how so many different things can influence the style of a bike project?




It's a Madwagon frame, with a larger headtube welded in place to accomodate the springer fork, some racks for carrying those ....well....military type items...





Also has a disc brake on the back with a freewheel hub, 3." wide Thick Brick tires, and the whole bike is powdercoated actual Canadian Military color, thanks to a hook up with a buddy who's business powdercoats machinary for the Canadian military.




It's one of our best projects yet I think...




Chain Gang Lowrider









Certainly looks good to me!! - Bryn


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Love it!

Avatar Posted by Bryn at Feb 19, 2007 01:46 PM
That rear disc is killer... Also love the front fork. Came out really good, sweet looking ride!

sweet ride

Avatar Posted by themanhole at May 10, 2007 12:50 AM
thats one badazz ride. i love it keep it up

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