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ChoppeRon's Bike Of The Month July/09

Mid 70's CCM Apache/Canadian Legacy Bike

Lagacy logoLegacy wheelie barsLegacy bikeLegacy cranks and chainguardLegacy shifterLegacy speedometerLegacy CCM logoLegacy headlightLegacy fork bumpersLegacy front wheelLegacy rear wheelCanada Day bikeThis is the bike I promised in the previous post, it being the second of the 2 for $25 I got a bunch of years ago from the Cap's Langley garage sale.

It was a basket case at first, and I really had no interest in it. I had it for sale at the Vancouver Old Bicycle Swap Meet one year, and someone mentioned that these frames make great choppers. I started playing with it, and the next thing I knew, it was gracing the cover of this very website (about 2-3 years ago). At that point it wore a 20" wheelset and a different sissy bar. It started to beckon me again, out of the pile.

Perhaps it was my Great Grandfather, who built bikes for CCM in the 1890's,(I think, in Ontario, but could be Quebec)
guiding me to build a tribute/legacy, adult size muscle bike. As it turned out, it got a great boost of Canadian heritage when I visited a friend in Ontario and found an awesome bike shop in Guelph, that I found 5 of the parts for this bike at. Those being; the front hub; sissy bar; shifter, seat post and sissy bar pad.

When I was there I also visited Great Grandpa's gravesite in Oshawa, and tried to do some research in Brantford, as I thought this might have been where his shop was, but came up empty handed( except for the whack of bike parts I dragged home...gotta love that chopper karma!).

I started with the notion that it was a 26"x 1 3/8"wheelset frame, and that 24" wheels would fit in nicely, and they did. So, a pair of wide, chrome hoops; and 2, V-tread patterned tires (that came stock on the new school Stingrays), were chosen.

A '73 Sturmey Archer 3 spd AW Hub gets things goin' in the rear, and a modern Sturmey Archer drum brake front hub
helps to keep things under control.

Speaking of the new school Stingray, mine donated it's front fender for this project.

  • Chrome, modern springer fork;
  • NOS, Sanyo speedometer;
  • 12 volt old school generator;
  • sparkle red handle grips on the fork tubes for frame bumpers;
  • bullet headlight(Kustom painted light reflector and bulb for the cool factor);
  • 6" stem extension;
  • Mtn. bike riser stem;
  • ape hangers;
  • red anodized beverage holder(I have since found a moose shaped coolie for Canadian flavor!);
  • white brake cables(again for Cdn. flavor);
  • 3 flute bulb horn (kustom red anodizing spray paint again);
  • brake levers with skulls on the ends;
  • and red flame embossed, hand grips, round out the front end...
  • NOS Suntour 3 spd shifter;
  • springer seat post;
  • sparkle red banana seat;
  • NOS, tall, springer sissy bar, w/NOS pad,
  • modern, repopped, Electra, classic cruiser rack;
  • old school tailight;
  • old school, B.C. bicycle license plate that says "Ronald";
  • wheelie bars made from springer fork legs and struts and old school roller skate wheels;
  • NOS,24" ridged, chopper fender;
  • Mtn. bike deraileur cage protecting the indicator chain;
  • red driveline chain;
  • original chainguard;
  • modern, BMX,175mm cranks;
  • original CCM chainring, kustom painted; and,
  • red anodized, beartrap pedals round out the rest of it.


I have had this bike on the last 2 Canada Day(kinda why I chose to profile  this bike for July)
rides, and will probably ride nothing else on that day from now on. Hope you enjoyed this month's edition (late as it is).

Ride safe, ChoppeRon.1890's bike shop

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