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Creations by Boneyard Bikes

Mike of Boneyard Bikes has sent in a few of his creations

A Kuhl's Custom Chopper, and a dare from his wife to build his vision of it using recycled bike parts, put Mike on a path that would eventually lead to Boneyard Bikes.

What started as a hobby in his garage has turned into a successful business. Building, and selling, an average of 10 bikes per year since that first chopper left the garage, has helped to build, and maintain, an excellent reputation.

For Mike, a successful bike isn't one that will sell well, or even one that will sell at all. When fleshing out a new concept or idea, selling the bike is probably the last thing on his mind. The success comes in the art of the curves and the feel of the ride. The right colors blended in exactly the right way to compliment that one piece of chrome he knew would look great on that bike. Success means satisfaction in completing a beautiful bike.

A fundamental key to his success has been taking that mentality and applying it to the client. Considering their wants and needs and implimenting them in a stylish and functional fashion keeps the Boneyard Bikes reputation intact.
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Good Designs

Avatar Posted by Peter Matin at Jan 04, 2012 08:00 AM
Good designs, but can these cycles are that much comfortable for to ride as our normal cycles are. Or these are only for the exhibition purpose.

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