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Dave C.'s Electra Rat Rod

Contributors: bhughes

Dave C. has sent us his 2007 Electra Rat Rod

Electra Rat RodWho

Dave C.


Rat Rod (3 speed)
Absolutely nothing - came as I bought it.
October 2007 - Ride On Again, Broadway


I've just moved over from London, England as my wife has just got a job as a nurse at Richmond General Hospital. Settling in, I was amazed at the number of cyclists around - Vancouver really is bike friendly, so I met Don and the boys at Ride On Again where they sold me a nice hybrid road / mountain bike.

They were really friendly guys and I regularly visited them at the store; one day whilst glancing through their bikes, I noticed the Rat Rod - in England (certainly London), we don't really have Cruiser bikes; however, Don advised me to take the Rat Rod for a spin around the beaches and the sea wall to see what I thought, and he knew what he was doing, because after an hour on the bike, I was in love!!! The joy of riding a cruiser bike I can't properly explain, but just to cruise, enjoy the ride, and enjoy the surroundings, on the right bike - you had to prise the smile off of my face with a pick-axe! The unbelievable sense of happiness and contentment was over-whelming.

Naturally, I bought the Rat Rod, I'm totally smitten, and it gives me endless pleasure. Being the new guy in town, I'm really looking forward to making new friends and going on plenty of cruise rides. Anybody that want's to contact me - please do!

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Avatar Posted by Bryn at Nov 18, 2007 06:01 PM
Great looking bike Dave!! Hopefully we'll see you out at the Winter National this weekend!


Avatar Posted by Dave C at Nov 23, 2007 10:13 AM
Cheers, Bryn, much appreciated - and very much looking forward to Sunday!

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