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Firewalker's Aztlan Greenline

Contributors: bhughes

Firewalker sends us his Aztlan Greenline custom chopper

The BikeWho



The bike was bone stock when I found bells or whistles so upgrades it got! Heasd set, Lights, 4 speed Nexus internal hub, custom seat, 1 off twin saddal bags, crank, and more paint!


I found the bike bone stock! 26" single speed with one colour "blue" I first started by tearing the bike down and starting over again. All new parts went back on....headset, better crank and a Nexus 4 speed for starters! I also added bright white to the bike to add a little contrast.

Saddle Bag Next I re-upholstered the seat and custom designed and built the twin saddle bags! The bike was just too long not to have saddle bags! and they are great for holding stuff on long rides.

Next I made a set of twin tail lights that mount on the saddle bags and added your standard chrome bullet headlight.

Other things that were added was the Ding Dong bell, Mirror, and my own MP3 player.

The bike is great to ride! I myself prefer the stretch style bike when riding the wall or around town. If you see me stop and say Hi! Hope to ride with you all soon!


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Avatar Posted by Bryn at Aug 24, 2007 09:49 PM
Love the bike big time!! Those saddle bags/seat look hot too... Well done! What did it take to make it happen?

BTW nice truck!

saddle bags

Avatar Posted by Murray G at Aug 27, 2007 12:28 PM
Thanks for your comment! I do custom and one off uhpolstery in HotRods So I like to bring it over to the bike world when ever I can. I have many pictures of the build...just not sure how to post them for all of you to see.

same project,lol

Avatar Posted by dennard at Nov 23, 2012 06:11 AM
Hello my god its funny i have a Bike club in Detroit by the name of G,mob which stand for Grown men on Bikes,...And im working on the exact same crusier same color ,And what im planning on doing is mounting hard shell bags,the ideal is to bring that Harley ,street glide look to my crusier,from the rear, any ideas on mounting these on the sides,or somthing that could be modified for same purpose, Thanks would love to hear your feedback And thoughts on my project,...

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