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Had this one sitting in my inbox for a long time waiting for the new site! Here you go!

Wiki TikiWho

Maple Ridge


Wiki Tiki !!!
when it comes to the bike the only thing stock is the frame...the fenders I belive are Schwinn but not from the same era? the springer is a repop and the 3 speed internal is from my good friends at "Ride On" everything else I made.

Top Down Look


The frame I got in trade for a custom seat that I did for a guy in the deep south. As for the theme! It had to be Hawaii all the way! I was inspired by a bike with the same colours from another forum. I had to make one for myself..... but even better! I call it the "Wiki Tiki"
As always start by sandblasting the frame and then have it powdercoated. The colours I used were "Sun Gold" and then the rims,bars,BB, "Brown". Everything else had to be made with Bambo,and sisal rope. All the lines were done by Mike in langely. the flower print tires and 3speed hub came from guys at "Ride On" A nice touch I mite add. I now have finished the coconut headlight (not seen in Pics) and I am on the look out for that seat with a tiki on it....any leads would be great!!!...thanks! I can trade you a custom seat in trade if you wish.
Being that I finished this one late in the season I have not been able to take it out much, but you will see this one out on the sea wall soon. If you see me stop me and say Hi!
Building Rear Rack Rear
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