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Gryphonn's Stretched Cruiser

Gryphonn has sent in his custom-built stretched out cruiser

Here's a few pics of a bike I built last year for commuting to work on nice days. It started out as a discarded 26" mountain bike I cut up for the head tube, bottom bracket shell, wheels, etc. A quick and cheap build with one thing in mind...having fun!

This bike was built with those lowered, chopped, and leaded 50's Mercs, Buicks and Caddy's in mind.

You can see the shifter mounted just under the nose of the seat, brake and shifter cables are run through the frame of course! Most everything I didn't already have came off the shelf at Canadian Tire. I've never owned something that started so many conversations before. Total cost less than $100.

Long and low. It's very comfortable and rides like it's on rails. Living near the ocean you really need multiple gears to make things practical on the hills.

I'm planning to rebuild the bike this spring with Sturmey Archer components, a chrome internal 3 speed with drum brakes front and rear. The billet chain pulley is actually from a clothes line tensioner. Some of the chrome pieces came off dollar store wine stoppers.

This bike's nearly as low as my street legal dunebuggy project with it's suspenson aired out
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Avatar Posted by joel at Jun 16, 2009 08:23 AM
im building a similiar bike thats going to be 8 feet by three feet and was waondering how long yours was to get an idea thank you

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