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Nashira's 1965 Schwinn Hollywood

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Amber's first cruiser was her '65 Schwinn

Just recently I went on a rambling journey through my older images, and discovered this little photo shoot I did with my Schwinn a while back. It was my first time working with a bike as my subject, and I was still figuring out how to work a digital slr. All the same, I think they're pretty neat... you can view them here.

Ahh, my Schwinn.... she's my first cruiser love. The one that will never be replaced in her slot as number one! You know that bike... everybody has one.

I'll never forget the day I bought her.... it was my first time at the annual cruiser swap meet on Main st, and I was already overwhelmed by the extreme coolness in every direction. I was outside, checking out the bikes for sale, looking through old rusty whatnots... when my eyes fell apon a heap of bike parts with an old rusty blue frame. No wheels, three fenders, two forks and an old 'S' seat that wasn't attached. I was in love!!

$50 later I was hauling her home with a mixed sense of glee and "ok, what do I do with it first?". I've put a lot of work in since those first days, and I can definitely say that no other bike is as familiar to me... or has been such a pain at times! She has some interesting personality traits... like the fact that she's actually a teenager's bike, meaning cramming 26" wheels on was a bit of a feat (but dammit, they look so sweet!). There's also the fact that she seems completely indestructable.... we had a wipeout on a hill a few years ago, and my bike literally chewed up Bryn's bike and spit it out. His bike came through with bent rims, a broken stem, a broken crank and a mangled drink holder.... my girl soldiered through with little more than a scuff on her handlebars.

She's a tank with oodles of personality... and I love every moment I'm riding with her!
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