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Reader's Rides

Reader's Rides

In Reader's Rides we features cruiser riders along with their bikes. Learn the story behind the ride and learn a bit about your fellow riders.

You don't need to be a site member to share your ride - we've set up an easy-to-use form here that will let you upload up to 5 pictures and tell us a bit about your bike. Our bike elves will put it all together into a nicely laid out page to share your 2-wheeled glory with the world.

Send In Your Bike!

Slide Show

Reader's Rides Slideshow

Check it out, we've now got a slide show of all the Reader's Rides bikes! It'll take a short while to load since there's so many photos!

What should I put here? Any ideas?

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 Bryn's 2005 Manhattan Aero by bhughes, Feb 04, 2010 12:09 PM
My first 'real' cruiser and my introduction into the Vancouver cruising scene
 ChoppeRon's Bike Of The Month July/09 by ChoppeRon, Jan 21, 2010 11:59 AM
Mid 70's CCM Apache/Canadian Legacy Bike
 ChoppeRon's Bike of the Month: May/09 by bhughes, May 07, 2009 07:45 AM
Chops has posted up another one!! This one is "The Bruiser"
 Beast775's Massey-Harris Silver Ribbon by bhughes, May 03, 2009 09:04 PM
Mark sends us in his 1923 Massey-Harris Silver Ribbon. This one's an oldie!!
 Chain Gang Lowrider's Japanese Racer by chainganglowrider, May 03, 2009 09:02 PM
CGL sends us another fantastic bike!
Alphabetical Listing
Beast775's CCM Motobike (mark elford) Apr 06, 2011
Beast775's Massey-Harris Silver Ribbon (Bryn) May 03, 2009
Bryn's 2005 Manhattan Aero (Bryn) Feb 04, 2010
Carlos' Deelite (Bryn) Apr 06, 2011
Chain Gang Lowrider's ArmyBobber (Chain Gang Lowrider) Mar 10, 2009
Chain Gang Lowrider's Custom Kommanderwagen (Chain Gang Lowrider) May 03, 2009
Chain Gang Lowrider's Industrial Slowrider (Bryn) Mar 15, 2009
Chain Gang Lowrider's Japanese Racer (Chain Gang Lowrider) May 03, 2009
Chain Gang Lowrider's Military Cruiser (Chain Gang Lowrider) May 03, 2009
ChoppeRon's Bike Of The Month July/09 (Ron Menagh) Jan 21, 2010
Chris' Basman Chopper (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Chris' Pimp Garage Simple C (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Creations by Boneyard Bikes (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Dave C.'s Electra Rat Rod (David Clark) Mar 10, 2009
Domino's Disco Beaver Custom (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Firewalker's Aztlan Greenline (Murray G) Mar 10, 2009
Firewalker's Pic'n'ic Cruiser (Murray G) Mar 10, 2009
Firewalker's Schwinn Wiki Tiki (Bryn) Mar 14, 2009
Frank's Electra Sparker (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
German's Electra Rat Rod (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Gryphonn's Stretched Cruiser (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Marc's Simple 7 (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Nashira's 1965 Schwinn Hollywood (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Nathan Rogers' Eaton's Road King (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Real Coupal's Ramblin' Psycho (Bryn) Mar 15, 2009
Recycle's 1969 Northern Cycle "The Rail" (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Red_N_X RideZ Custom Choppers (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Reyesx6's Cleveland Roadmaster (Ron Reyes) Feb 26, 2010
Reyesx6's Kustom Kruiser (Ron Reyes) Feb 26, 2010
Reyesx6's Schwinn American (Ron Reyes) Feb 26, 2010
Rollercam's 2006 Simple 7 Custom (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
SPBW Sean's RCAF Rat (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
SPBWSean's Slinger 6 (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
SPWSean's Green Chopper (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
Swanny's Addict Chopper (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009
T's Jakz Scythe Chopper (Bryn) Mar 09, 2009

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