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Recycle's 1969 Northern Cycle "The Rail"

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1969 Northern Cycle (aka Norco) Muscle Bike

Recycle just joined and has posted a whack of pictures, check them out in his home folder. This bike on the right is his 1969 Rail by "Northern Cycle", the company we know today as Norco.

I did a little reading - Northern Cycle was founded in 1964 and has always specialized in the Canadian market. When they started they were making just 15 bikes a day - to this day they are still hand-building their bikes right here in Canada, something not too many bike manufacturers can claim. That actually gives me a new level of respect for Norco that I never had before!

Notice the 'Vancouver' on the headbadge - you can't get much more Vancruiser than that!!

I was driving around just before winter in Murrayville( East Langley / West Aldergrove ) and I saw a garage sale sign.I never pass a Garage sale.He had a few older bikes up front and I asked if he had more..He took out back.What a scene that was.Banjo Music was ringing through my ears.The back yard was acres of JUNK not seen from the road.From cars to washing machines.He took me into this make shift tent/old Tennis court and showed it to me.

I asked how much he said..."You can't afford it"
I said "Try me"
He said " well,I paid $60.00 for it 2 years ago"
I said,"I have $45.00 in my wallet"
he said " no!"

I said" see yaa later then" and he ran down the driveway like a Mexican trying to sell a blanket and he said " ok,$45.00 "

So I tuned it up,new crank pin,new cable housing,adjusted the shifter,threw on a shorter sissy bar and the rest is history.

I am not going to re-finish this bike.The guy at the garage sale sanded a bit of the down tube thinking he would and I'm glad he stopped.

It's a piece of The West Coast.
And It's a Frigin blast to ride...tough part it trying to get my girlfriend off of it!

The only thing not stock is the sissy bar which I like shortened..I am not sure if this Bad Boy ever came with a to find that one out if anyone rolls nice on the stock tires and the cheater slick is still hangin in there..It shifts like a dream and is a blast to ride..That's what it's all about..Riding them!
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Avatar Posted by CBC Guy at Jan 07, 2007 01:08 AM
Looks like a nice ride... I really love the top-tube mount shifter and the stock rubber, totally good find.

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