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Reyesx6's Kustom Kruiser

Something old, something new! A Kustom Kruiser sent in by Reyesx6

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Vancouver BC
Kustom Kruiser

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This Kustom Kruser bike came brand new from Ride On on 4th ave. then I changed the seat and drive to a 3 piece Kona and a cool bmx chain wheel.. Then I brushed (don’t like rattle cans, toooo fancy fer me) on my own custom 2 tone mix of Tremclad paint. and custom decals featuring my trademark Reyes X 6 and Puerto Rican Flag logos. The front fork is a mix of a Tange switchblade fork from an old mountain bike and Monarch Springer front end. I had this mix in my mind for years and was waiting around till I could find the pieces to swing it. I made the head badge out of a Dole Piña Colada juice can with my P.R./RX6 logo.

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