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Send In My Bike!

Use this form to send your bike in to the Vancruisers Reader's Rides section!

Please fill out the form below with as many details as possible.  The more you can give us the better your writeup will be!

We accept up to 5 images through this form.  If you've got more photos you'd like to share please feel free to Join the site and upload some content!

Who are you anyways?
What's your name?
Your username on, if you have one
A valid email address where we can contact you if we have any trouble posting your ride
Where are you checking from anyhow!
Who made your bike?
When was it made?
What's been done since this baby rolled off the factory floor?
Tell us about your bike, why it is special to you, why you want to see it here in the Reader's Rides section, whatever!
Choose a photo, preferably smaller than 300kb... You need to choose at least ONE photo!

Please note:

It will take a few minutes after you hit 'Submit' depending on the number and size of images you have chosen plus your internet connection speed.  Please be patient and do not click 'Submit' again!

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