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Sturmey Archer Service Manuals

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Service manuals for both old and new Sturmey Archer hubs

Sturmey Archer AW
If you've got a non-coaster Sturmey hub on your cruiser and you're not in to the REALLY old stuff (think 1940's here) this is probably the hub you have. The AW is a reasonably tough 3 speed NON coaster brake hub.
Sturmey Archer AB
This is the "classic" AB 3-speed drum brake hub. It uses the "old" driver design common to the original AW 3-speed hubs.
Sturmey Archer AWC
The AWC is a later Sturmey coaster hub. They appeared in the mid '80s and are often grease filled instead of oil filled. Upside is they don't seep like older Sturmey's, downside is you have to completely tear them apart to replace the grease. NOT suitable for skid contests!
Sturmey Archer AWC - "New" Design
Service manual for the post-2000 Sturmey Archer AWC hubs. This is essentially the same as the 1989 and up English Sturmey Archer AWC as well. Earlier AWC hubs have a different coaster brake design but otherwise this is a match.
Sturmey Archer BF/C and AB/C
The BF-C and AB-C are "classic" Sturmey hubs. These 90mm hubs were originally intended for tandem bikes but the huge drums will stop a regular bike FAST. The BF/C is a 90mm front drum and the AB/C is a 3-speed with 90mm rear drum. The 'C' revision of these hubs has the revised driver assembly found on all new Sturmey Archer hubs since around 1989 or so.
Sturmey Archer S3C
The S3C was a common 3-speed coaster in the '70s. Schwinn Krate bikes often have these hubs. They are oil-filled rather than greased like the AWC. After the TCW was announced to be a safety hazard Sturmey redesigned their 3-speed coaster and came out with the S3C.
Sturmey Archer BF and BR
Classic Sturmey Archer BF and BR hubs. BF is a front drum, BR is a single speed rear drum.
Sturmey Archer S-RF3
The S-RF3 is a "New" Sturmey replacement for the classic Sturmey AW. It has a revised driver design that fixes the most common failures of the old AW plus has a nice alloy shell.
Sturmey Archer XRD3
The X-RD3 is a 3-speed with internal drum brake. This is a "New" Sturmey hub with an alloy shell, etc. Very detailed service manual with some good descriptions of how the 3-speed internals of all the Sturmey hubs actually work.
Sturmey Archer XFD & XRD
"New" Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brake hubs - the XFD is a front drum and the XRD is a single speed rear drum.
Sturmey Archer Complete Service Manual - 1951
This is a 1951 "TRADES ONLY" Service manual for the complete Sturmey Archer product line. It covers everything from Dyno hubs to drum brakes to the whole range of internal gear hubs.
"Original" Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Exploded Diagram (1902)
Exploded diagram of the 3-speed that started it all, commercially anyways. This is the first ever Sturmey Archer hub!
Sturmey Archer AW "NIG"
In 1984 Sturmey Archer made the "No In-Between Gears" version of the AW for Columbia. This is the first appearance of the revised driver design that made its way in to the rest of the Sturmey product line by 1990. Interestingly this is not QUITE the same as the final version - it has more AW type parts than the later versions did but it's close! The driver assembly is different from the original AW but different from the later hubs too!
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