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Bike tech writeups by Vancruisers Members

Spoke Length Calculator Spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate spoke lengths. Comes with a listing of popular hubs and rims. Great if you can't use the online version in the Links section...

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SRAM It Up A Notch

Finally got to test ride a SRAM hub!

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Sturmey Archer 2-Speed Kickback

I found this great review of the new Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback - sounds like a great hub!

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Sturmey Archer X-RD5 (W) Review

I got me a new hub laced up, yup yup! Busted out about 20km on it the other day, here's my thoughts so far...

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What's In Your Bag?

No, I don't mean road pops... I mean things like tools!! As a lot of you know I carry a fairly complete set of tools with me when i ride, but I'm a really firm believer that everyone should have at least enough with them to at least fix a flat.

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Wicked Sturmey Site

I'm a little obsessed with Sturmey Archer hubs in case anyone hadn't noticed.

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