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Here's the last 7 tech pages modified or created by our members!

Importing Bikes and Parts to Canada
There's a lot of funny little rules regarding importation of bikes and bike parts in to Canada. Read up to find out how to pay the least taxes!
Gryphonn's Bike Build Tutorial
So just how do you make your own frame anyhow?
How to Build a License Plate/Taillight Holder
This is a time filler for those rainy days when you can't get out for a ride, but would like to do something bicycle inspired anyway.
Spoke Length Calculator Spreadsheet
This Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate spoke lengths. Comes with a listing of popular hubs and rims. Great if you can't use the online version in the Links section...
Buying A Used Cruiser
So you don't have the coin to spring for a brand new cruiser or you just want to save a few bucks on the initial purchase to splurge on accessories later. What should you look for and how do you get the best deal?
3-Speed Coaster Brake Shootout
So you're thinking of a 3-speed conversion for your cruiser... What options do you have and what hub is best for you?
Troubleshooting Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Hubs
What's wrong with my hub anyhow?
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